Unproductive Employees

With the advent of the Internet, employee productivity has taken a hit. In addition, the advent of online chatting and social networking websites, employees are spending your business dollars to shop, chat and talk to friends and family more than ever.

Many businesses go the route of blocking employees from specific sites. This is unproductive, time consuming and frankly impossible to fully implement. In addition, it also tends to prevent employees from using some sites to gather information that would help them be more productive in their job. Treating employees as adults and allowing them to control where they surf and manage their time is a better approach for most businesses and leads to more employee happiness. Any employee taking a break or while at lunch should be able to do things that don't harm the business, but allows them to enjoy their time and release stress.

Employees Wasting Time

The only way to stem this tide of employee's wasting time, but still treat employees as adults is to put in place a mechanism that lets the employees know they are monitored and allow management to watch for employees who are abusing the trust you invest into them on the Internet.

Praetorian Guard allows you to monitor all applications run on a PC, the keystrokes keyed by employees, the websites visited and saves screen shots of what the employee actually does day in and out. The reporting mechanism of Praetorian Guard will allow you to see who used what applications or websites for how long each day. This will allow you to be proactive with employees and head of problems before it is too late.

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